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Full-Auto PCE Liquid synthesis device





Product Introduction

GDPC-4Z improve from is GDPC-4Z, the second generation of polycarboxylate superplasticizer mother liquid production module. GDPC-4Z has retained the advantages of GDPC-4Z, while increasing the PLC-controlled module, achieved button start production, full-screen touch panel, a full set of electrical switches, aesthetic appearance, compact design, simple operation, easy maintenance, it is a high cost-effective PCE mother liquid production module.

Technical Parameter:

Productivity (ton/lot)4
Capacity(L/4 hour)4000

Main Reaction Tank

Max Weighing Volume(L)4300
Max Weighing Capacity(kg)8000
Weighing Precision±2%

Neutralization Reaction Tank

Max VolumeL260
Max Weighing Capacitykg500
Weighing Precision±1%
Overall Dimension(D*W*H)mm3500×2000×2200
Total Installed Power kw24
Equipment Weight (kg)1900


1. PLC control module with touch screen panel display, two modes of operation: automatic, and manual system,friendly interface, easy to use, data management accuracy with JSB technology developed software.

2. Lower feeding inlet: no need for high-platform, and operating on the ground ,reducing working intensity

3. In-built high-precision sensor: the module equipped with load cells at the bottom of platform, all the materials are measured separately, accurate and fast feeding will be achieved.

4. Easy to learn: simple operation, just one person can complete production independently, significant savings in labor costs.

5. Synthetic tank selection of corrosion-resistant pp material. Advanced material feeding device with high-power feed pump and stainless steel pump body, stainless steel suction pump, good performance.

6. Advanced titration equipment: the module equipped with peristaltic pump which widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, with stable and accurate trait

7. Short synthetic process time: 4 tons of PCE mother liquid just need 4 hours, and can be continuously produced.

8. Steel equipment cabinet with painting, corrosion resisting and easy to clean, aesthetic and simple appearance, reasonable and compact internal structure design, simple operation and easy maintenance.

9. Easy moving: the whole weight is only 1.9 tons, can be carried by a forklift easily, no need for additional installation, and production is available as soon as placing equipment.

10. Process is environment-friendly: little noise and no pollution.

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