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How to Save Cost for Concrete Company

Before introducing the product, firstly let’s understand the reality of the concrete industry in China.

1. The cost of materials such as cement and sands are rising continuously, and environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. Cost saving is priority to the industry.

2. The use of purchased admixtures, problems such as pipe blocking and concrete segregation, communicating with the admixture company, cannot be solved immediately , and causing huge losses to the mixing station.

3. The competition in the concrete market is fierce in china, too much concrete company with less demand .

So why do concrete company need process PCE themselves?

First, cost saving: If a commercial mixing station can produce 100,000 m3 of concrete, it can save at least CNY 500,000(almost USD 73530) in cost.

Let me calculate it for you:

In china , 1 m³ of concrete requires about 400 kg of cementitious materials. If the dosage of  admixture is 2%, that means 8 kg of admixture is required totally.

Admixture cost: CNY 1,500-1800 / ton, means about admixture cost CNY 13-15 for 1m³ concrete.

Cost of self-synthesis admixture: CNY 800-1100 yuan / ton, means about admixture cost CNY 7--10 for 1m³ concrete.

So 1m³ concrete admixture cost can be saved: CNY 6-7, and CNY 60-700,000 can be saved for 100,000 m3 concrete cost.

Second, lowest investment. The cost of equipment only USD 15,000 , and can supply 500,000 cubic metre of admixture usage.

Third, small floor space need: only 120 square meters can be used to complete the production, the equipment height is low, no need to over-high space.

Fourth, the technology is simple and mature: 120 minutes rapid normal temperature synthesis process, can produce 2500m3 concrete used PCE mother liquor.

Fifth. One staff need: only one person is required for the entire production.

Sixth, lower labor intensity: low feeding hole, no need climbing high position and feeding.

Seven, lower personnel requirements: as long as you can simply calculate,you can do this job. We guarantee that the laboratory personnel will fully learn the synthesis technology within 3 days.

Eighth, free installation and commissioning: As long as the water and electricity is complete, the equipment can be produced on the same day, without any installation and debugging.

Ninth, the stability of quality, prevent the instability of the admixture factory products affect the concrete mix ratio.

What can we do for you?

1. Provide a list of raw materials purchases: It is convenient for you to purchase in the market according to the list.

2.provide production training: 3-5 days to complete

3. Provide production process specification: including technical guide, synthesis process and precautions.

4.provide small test adjustment technology: guide the technical staff how to optimize the adjustment of the formula.

5. Provide the compound process specification: including the compound pump agent process, technical details and precautions.

6. Provide test-and-match technology: guide the technical staff how to perform concrete test in the laboratory.

7. Provide a constantly updated synthetic and compound formula: free updated formula for you.

8. Provide follow-up technical support: You can submit questions about admixtures to our technical team at any time by phone, WeChat,whatsapp etc. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Why are we?

Our group owns 2 concrete mixing stations in our city. With more than ten years of experience in concrete and admixture application, we have served nearly 100 customers nationwide to solve all kinds of concrete incurable diseases.

The reality of the concrete industry

Please remember SAVING IS EARNING    

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JSB Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, which is a subsidiary of Gangdu Group, the company committed to advanced polycarboxylate based admixture synthesis equipment research, development and admixture production. Through cooperation with the Japanese polycarboxylate superplasticizer technology leader, developed domestic leading technology of PCE synthesis at room temperature.

The technology adopt full-obturated production, to achieve zero emissions of three industrial wastes:waste water, waste gas, waste residue, in line with the concept of environmental protection; Low-temperature catalyst to replace the boiler heating equipment. The module is better performance, investment, energy consumption and labor costs have been reduced greatly compared with common equipment, and welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

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